Bible Secrets unlocked
'Finally, some clear answers about the future that really make sense.'

THE CRISIS: Terrorist attacks, tidal waves, droughts, floods, famines, global warming, wars, unimaginable crimes—natural and man-made disasters are at an all-time high. Do you ever wish you could escape from it all and hide somewhere safe? Do you worry sometimes that the world we leave to our children may become a living nightmare? capitol

Though world catastrophes increase at an alarming rate, we can face the future with confidence! God has offered each of us security through His gift of prophecy. The very situations we face today have been clearly foretold in ancient prophecies.

THE SPEAKER: The son of wealthy and influential parents, the young Doug Batchelor chose a life of crime, parties, drugs and drifting. Eventually, weary of both the whirl of New York City high society and the darkness of street life, he abandoned civilization and took up residence in a mountain cave outside of Palm Desert, California. Finding an old Bible in the cave, he began a life-transforming adventure that has continued for the past 25 years.

Through years of intense Bible study and his own experience of personal transformation, Doug has found many illuminating keys to understanding the Bible. He combines a down-to-earth, sometimes humorous explanation of the Bible with the uncanny ability to make even the most complex Christian teachings make sense for today. His skill in showing the links between ancient Bible prophecies and current world events has captivated audiences around the world.

Today the director and speaker of the worldwide ministry of Amazing Facts, Doug is the host of the popular weekly radio program Bible Answers Live, speaker for the Millennium of Prophecy satellite series, and the author of several books, including The Richest Caveman, At Jesus’ Feet: The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene, and most recently, Broken Chains.

THE PURPOSE: The purpose of this series is to share the peace and assurance that each believer can have in facing earth’s final days. Though chaos may erupt around us, we can rest secure in the palm of God’s hand.